Friday, November 03, 2006

Ta da!

Its finished

Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall 2006

Handmaiden Seasilk in Berry

I love it and this is how I will wear it.

This is only my second lace project and the first time working from a chart, I did love knitting it, even the nupps, when I got used to knitting them a bit loose, thanks for the tip Mary.

No, this is not how I usually look to walk the dog!

My usual choice of photographer was a asleep as its tradition to spend the last day of the holidays in bed, so I had to make do with Jim, so apologies, this is the best!

I love the Jumper on the cover of the Fall Interweave knits but am having trouble finding wool that I get gauge in, any suggestions?


jacqueline said...

just absolutely stunning!

i bought a skein of the seasilk when i was in london in you are making me want to cast on for the shawl immediately.

Laura A said...

That is beautiful! Congratulations! And congrats on your new blog as well!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, Yvette, it's gorgeous! Congratulations -- a very fine job.

And I don't care... I'm always going to think of you walking your dog that way -- it's a great picture!
; )

Elizabeth said...

Just beautiful! You must be very pleased.
I thought this was the way one walked a dog in France! No scooping either , or is that just Paris? :)

Amelia said...

I love your swallowtail, it's just gorgeous. I have a skein of the seasilk in green that I have been wondering what to make with. Funnily enough, Jacqueline suggested the swallowtail shawl to me last night, now I know where she got her inspiriation from!

Kim said...

What a gorgeous job you did on your swallowtail! I am looking forward to giving seasilk yarn a try now after seeing your shawl!