Friday, November 30, 2007


This is the very bizarre sky from the beginning of the week, someone said it looks like something from an episode of star trek.

The shawl all blocking and pretty.

Today's wip, not sure how far I am going to go with it, I usually stop before things go over the top, I think this time I will go with more is good, rather than less.

This weeks dog entry, you might be fooled into thinking that he just wanted to be close to me, when in reality, I was resting my wheel on an Ikea bathmat, Jonahs mat of choice! I must buy a couple more.....

Have a good weekend....tchao

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, Saturday was fun, I dragged my overlocker and machine to the boys old primary school to sew some fleece hats and scarves for their christmas fair. They are fundraising for a trip. It was a good laugh and I met some very nice women. I did come home with my head spinning as the language switched from french to english all morning till I didn't know which way was up. I find it very hard to listen and multi-task in two different languages.

Sunday was all french, all spinning and dyeing, so all new vocabulary. I met up with 6 french spinners through this forum.
We spent a lovely day dyeing some roving,

and checking out all the different types of wheel and fibres that they all had.

I had to leave the house at 6.45am, had to listen and speak french all day and caught the train home at 5.20pm, I was so exhausted I could hardly talk when I got home but it was so worth it.
This is my part of the roving all dry.

With my few hours on the train I managed to finish this shawl that has been hanging about as a WIP since about february I think.

Its the Forest Canopy shawl in Plassard Alpaga, 1.5 skeins on 5mm needles. It is blocking now, picture when its dry.

Still chugging along on the christmas knitting, nothing exciting or finished.
Today I have to buy more black wool for another skull hat and finish up Octobers fibre before Novembers arrives.
I also have to do some Jean shopping for a child whose legs have grown a few inches, do you think it is possible for only legs to grow?
More soon....tchao

Friday, November 23, 2007

Not Blogging But Knitting

and kinda drowning in knitting.
I am feeling a little stressed by the xmas knitting and really needed to get it in hand.
I finished up Juliet for my oldest niece, here it is all ready to be blocked and to find nice buttons for it.

I also finished up another boy hat, this was taken by the birthday boy, so no strike off the xmas list!

I managed a tiny bit of spinning, this is months fibre club, called goblins eyes.

I spun it as fine as I could and it is 108m of navajo plied.
Not sure what I will do with it but I kinda like it.

And finally I sewed together the baby jumper

With sparkly buttons

Saturday I am off to the boys old school to help with their sewing for a fundraiser, we are making fleecy hats and scarves.

I am off on Sunday to spin with a couple of french spinners, I think we are going to do some dyeing too, so am looking forward to that, you will see the results next week.
Have a good weekend....tchao

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

My baby is 18 years old today, here he is doing his best babysitting job a week ago with his new cousin.

The boys were busy making a cake a la Yarnstorm, unfortunately it took a turn for the worse and it turned into a fort(chocolate fingers) guarding the king(jaffa cakes) with guards(bounty bars) and dogs(sweets), not at all photogenic but apparently very yummy!! Oh, and fun....what more can I ask......

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The first snow

We have snow, isn't it pretty.

The sun coming up this morning.

There has been a little more sewing, though not enough, so its still not finished, its getting there veeerrry slowly.
Can you tell what it is yet?

What about now?

The colour is much more purple than than the photo looks. I hope I like it when I am finished!

Knitting, just a little on some xmas projects, socks etc.
I quit knitting the boring baby blanket because the baby girl we were expecting was a lovely baby boy called Zachary and I am sure he wouldn't like to have a pink blanket.
Jamie got to see his new little cousin before he came home on Sunday, he is completely smitten with how tiny and gorgeous he is. He was very pleased with himself because he managed to get the baby to sleep on his chest and still carry on playing a game on the x-box! Boys!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Have they gone yet?

Yeah, the boys went back to school and I get to breathe, relax.
I love my boys but after almost 2 weeks of school holidays I am glad to get back to some kind of routine.
While they were home I knitted on some xmas knitting, like this and this.
Don't click the link if you think it might be your xmas present.

I also recently added to my fibre stash, which is really small, so now I have this too, isn't it all lovely.

I have to finish up some stuff before I have time to spin, maybe at the weekend.

I am working on a big sewing project for me, now its been a long time since I sewed anything for me that takes more than a few hours. In fact its been a long time since I sewed anything, so now I have something that looks like this, scary, huh!

Can you tell what it is yet??

Friday, November 02, 2007

Walk with colour

One of the places I walk Jonah regularly, is a wild bit of the local park, you walk through some gates and instead of the neat trimmed grass and flower beds you have swampy pond with bull rushes and all sorts of things growing wildly and very interesting smells for this lab to investigate.
This week it was full of colour, take a look.

The seeded Bull rushes look a bit like fibre, or maybe I have been spinning too much lately!

Excuse the blurry dog pic, he was moving too fast and having too much fun to stop and yes that is a big bit of slobber on his face, hmmm nice.....

this is my belated Dogs on Thursday, as I forgot it was Thursday yesterday, that is what happens in the school holidays, you have sooo much fun that you forget what day it is, have a fun weekend.....
more photos on flickr here

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New wool

Thank you for all your anniversary wishes, we still haven't found somewhere to visit that is dog friendly so I think we will stay here and visit some places that we haven't been to before.

Last night, before the champagne, which incidentally one bottle is not enough if you let the children try some, I finished up this roving from this etsy seller,

and it became this about 200m, 100g, I am very pleased with it, it needs a pretty project, just have to find one. I do need another project like a hole in the head but hey, whats one more!

I started a hat for one nephew using the skull chart form helloyarn, I think it will be cute when finished, pics next time.