Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh Crap!

Tomorrow is the 22nd December and things are still decidedly un-christmassy in this house.
I am not organised or packed and we leave tomorrow, I am only driving 20-30mins up the hill so I can come back for things I know that I will have forgotten but thats not really the point.
I, Me, Moi am not organised, you see this doesn't happen, I am always organised at least in my head or on my list but not right now. The house is untidy, I have no idea what we are eating for christmas dinner and the shopping really needs to be done tomorrow morning or we might be having pasta!

Knitting, not much of that going on either, I found the missing sock this morning, Jim has lost his hat and scarf from last year, so I need to knit him a new one as its really cold outside, though still no snow! No sign of my Interweave yet so am really, really p'd off and I still haven't found yarn for the fairisle from the fall issue. I want to knit Juno from the latest Rowan but don't have yarn for that yet either. I'll just have to knit myself another little shawl, I bought some Alpaca to match a shawl pin that Yvonne bought me for Christmas, lovely aqua colour so maybe that will cheer me up. I will be better by tomorrow, my Mum arrives to stay so now I just need to find a bag to pack my clothes in and I'm done.
So if you are someone I usually send a christmas card or present to then I apologise they are all still here, mostly not wrapped or written and nowhere near the queue at the Post Office.

I hope you all have a great holiday however you celebrate it, me I will be fighting off the dogs for a place on the sofa in front of the telly with my knitting, Merry Christmas.........

Thursday, December 14, 2006

knitting or not

There is not much knitting going on this week, I have trapped a nerve, kind of at the top of my back/shoulder area, so doing anything for any length of time is a bit painful. This also means that food shopping and carrying heavy things is out of the window too. Though my lot would love me if I starved them!
So what am I knitting, this bag in Kid Classic in a purply colour and I just bought dark grey to trim it with. It is for my sister-in-law she saw it in John Lewis and liked it, I still have Jakes other Fetching to finish, em start, and I have lost a sock in progress, its for my Dad and is on 2 circs so I have been struggling with it and I have no idea where I last had it, it better turn up soon or it will be for his birthday in February instead.
Don't let me fool you into thinking that is all the wip's, its just all I am thinking of working on right now.
Tomorrow I have to take all my packages for the UK to the post office, they are REALLY late.

So here is a pic of my brothers socks modelled by someone else they are not identical but I like them anyway and my little Forest Canopy Shawl in Plassard Alpaca which I love.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm back

I'm back, had a fabulous time in London, did some bead shopping, had tea at Libertys, did some shopping at Bluewater, had tea and cake with Yvonne, went to visit Santa, haven't done that for a few years! Went Orla Kiely handbag shopping, book shopping, chocolate shopping of course and last but not least did a little food shopping for the essential, sausages, cranberry sauce and mincemeat. I unfortunately did not make it to Stash this visit, which is a bit sad, I did not get Malias cardi knitted as I cast it on, knitted a few rows and it was way to big and I didn't have time to do the maths and fix it there, so the wool came home with me. She loved her pinafore and tights and we managed to find a top that met with her approval, so that is good.
Now I have to get this christmas thing all organised.....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Its snowing

At last there is some snow on the mountains although I can't see it right now as the cloud is so low. All the skiers were getting a little worried as the slopes were supposed to open a couple of weeks ago and really the weather has been very warm. Today is the first really rainy cold day we have had for a while. Apparently the weather in London is to be cold and wet too, so have to pack warm weather clothes, of course my bag is all packed and ready for tomorrow....not!

Well there is one project I have to take as I have finished the pinafore part of the pressie but the cardi is still some balls of wool unfortunately!

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise in the post, my birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law and it came in this box and I love it, the guys in this house need to take note........

Yesterday one of the Grenoble Knitters left us to move back to Oxford, so anyone who knows of an Oxford knitting group let me know and I can pass it on. So at the Knitting Bee cafe we had a little champagne celebration much to the delight of our waiter, who really thinks he is getting a pair of socks sometime soon, he needs to join the queue...

So I am off till Tuesday, see ya....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Attention Newbie Sock Knitter at Large

This little man, got himself out of bed early to do some knitting before school, this is very early as he leaves to catch the bus at 7.20am. Aahhh, but take a look at what he is knitting, this is Jakes first project on dpns, his last knitting project is still unfinished as he became a little disillusioned at the amount of counting he needed to achieve the look he wanted. He wanted the front of his jumper to be all cabled and it was really a little to much, when really all he wanted to do was pick it up and knit away, without thinking and counting!
He is enjoying knitting Fetching, he says he likes knitting on small needles AND he wants to know if this means he can knit socks! Absolutely it does, I think we might need some more sock yarn for christmas.....

Monday, December 04, 2006


So what do you think the attraction was? The smell of wet wool? The damp towel? Or the jaggy pins?
This project is done, daylight pictures tomorrow as I spent daylight hours today helping a friend clean the rented house she is moving out of. It is all fun around here.
So tomorrow starts the mad panic of packing christmas presents to take to London, packing projects to take, for me and for Malia, lots of glue-sticks and shiny things to stick!!
Have to write out yardage amounts for future yarn projects in case I escape to visit Stash.
Get the boys to finalise their shopping lists and score off all the unnecessary items like doughnuts! Not a lot really.....

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Its December already!

Okay, I have no idea where this year has gone and now its December and I am soooo not organised for Christmas. I had my first sale this year on Thursday and it was a great night, but as usual the first one always takes me a little by surprise and I am always really worried about how it is going to go. So Thursday did see me running around like a headless chicken planning to finish oh so many more things than I had time for. I did finish up one more bag and sold it that night so that was good.

On the knitting front I just have the toe of the christmas socks to finish and the petrol coloured knitting has grown a little but still looks the same.
This morning was spent christmas shopping with 2 of the boys, though they were more interested in looking at clothes for them! So I still have lots to do, more list making is on the cards, talking of which I still haven't made any christmas cards, later or tomorrow maybe and what am I going to take to wear in London, do I have time to make something new? Probably not.......