Friday, June 22, 2007

Only weather

I am distracting you with some weather pictures as there is nothing else going on here. This is the last morning I will have this view of the Chartreuse from my bedroom, my new view is of Chamrousse, I think.
I might be offline for a few weeks as even although I am actually only moving to the next block but one away, my new internet/phone connection is going to take about a month, that's right, 1 month with no internet. ick!
The moving is mostly done, right now I am in the old apartment, with computer, which is good, but no coffee machine,which is bad, I do have a kettle, but no teabags.
So I made my coffee in the new apartment and walked over here with it. Luckily I didn't meet any of my neighbours, take-away coffee is an unknown here.
I bought 4 dress patterns, which arrived yesterday, they are the reproductions of vintage patterns, 3 from 1957 and 1 from 1960, so some dress sewing is definitely on the cards once the boys leave for Scotland.
My Mum and Jake left on Wednesday and unfortunately got held up at the airport due to technical problems, so my poor Mum spent 12hours at the airport here and then they had to spend the night at the airport in London to catch the first flight to Glasgow, nightmare!
I hope that doesn't happen to the boys when they are travelling alone.
Okay, I am off to finish packing.......and dream of finding some knitting time, or even my knitting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I dislike packing, I really dislike painting, I hate grouting, as for cleaning, its downright bloody awful.
I have no nails left, no time to knit or sew and someone took ALL my knitting books away first, so I can't even have a little planning session, to figure out my next project.
Is it possible to have creative/craft withdrawals? The only knitting I have is the hanging around, plain jane stockinette sock and I am on the 3rd one BUT its sooooooooo boring.
I have also finished, finally the birthday cable sock, with the HUGE mistake in it, the first one is still in London, it had a huge mistake so the second one had to match. I did think at the time it looked a bit funny but I had no time to check it out. That's what you get when you don't print the big colour picture for the pattern and you don't knit it on 2 circs as per the pattern!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It is official, I do love Wispy, its warm light, pretty and I love wearing it. I can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe and I would probably consider knitting another, just not in Summer Tweed!
The combination of Summer Tweed and moss stitch gave me chronic hand and wrist pain. When chatting about it with some Liberty Rowanettes, the consensus was that you either loved or hated it, I am in the hate camp.
It is a shame as it comes in such pretty colours too.

Wispy took a little trip to Ikea, no photos though, I did see some fab storage items and especially liked this table, it has a perfect yarn as art drawer with glass. I just may have to go back and get it!

The packing is coming along, though I am occasionally side-tracked by a ufo, I do have a pile of sewing wip's and I have thrown out and rearranged lots of stuff. Apparently I am the only member of the family moving out next week as no-one else has packed any of their stuff yet! I do keep giving them the countdown but apparently a week is LOADS of time and it will only take a few minutes!
My Mum is coming to visit the day after I get my new apartment keys, she is bringing her marigolds, no sun-worshipping/sight-seeing for her, she will be set to work. So her and I might de-camp to the new place and leave the boys to it.
One of the reasons I am looking forward to moving is that the new place has no fitted kitchen, okay it does have ugly tiles but it does mean that I can get this out of storage, I am looking forward to using it again.

My boys all have plans to spend their summer in Scotland, so it looks like we are driving over to see them and pick up Jake at least. Jim suggested a little yarn crawl through England/Scotland, I just might have to take him up on that, any suggestions?
If I owed you a package they were posted today, but my little notes to go inside are still here, oops!!
Back to week to go.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Bonne Fete de Maman

It was mothers day here yesterday, so we had presents, flowers, chocolate cake and strawberries, and of course an I.O.U for a t-shirt that is going to be made for me.
I have no idea where he got the idea that IOU's were okay for presents....must stop teaching my children bad habits.

In order not to have a re-run of the christmas fiasco where no-one ordered my requested book, I did indeed go ahead and order them myself, so here they are in all their loveliness, as yet they are free of any post-it stickers, but there is still time before they make it into a box.

There is bad news though, Jamie was not allowed to do his work placement with me, just to clarify, it is compulsory they spend one month working in the alteration/sewing business to complete their year, when it comes down to it I would rather he worked with me, passed this year and moved up, than his other choice, which is leave school and find a job completely unqualified. Lots of chances there!
It is a shame as all my friends have already told me they will gladly bring all their mending/alterations round. These are jobs I usually say a polite no to, I would rather make a new pair of trousers than replace a zip!

My other bad news is my copy of Interweave is lost in the post, not that I need distraction or a new project, so you all have to stop making cute stuff like this, I REALLY want this.

A really bad picture of my lovely flowers, sorry Jord......

Friday, June 01, 2007

It's June

No really it is, though you might have trouble recognising it from the weather we have been having. Storms, freezing rain, wind and snow at 1500m. I of course in my wisdom, well it was May and sunny, have packed all the winter coats etc, so we had a mad dash one morning to find where they were. We have no heating as it is communal and turned off at the beginning of May and on at the beginning of October. On top of all that I have caught the cold and need my hot water bottle which is packed somewhere! So here we are nice June weather in France.

No knitting time, or sewing or anything else I have been packing sorting and trying to find a job placement for no1 son, so not easy.
He has decided if he doesn't find one he is leaving school, so I am kind of desperate. Desperate enough to suggest to school he could stay home and sew for a month.
Which I have to say is not an ideal solution for lots of reasons, least of all we are moving in the middle of the month, second I love him dearly and he drives me completely insane.
On the up side I think he might learn more and feel more fulfilled if he sews for himself rather than spend a month learning how to do repairs and alterations. School are considering this as an option but it has to be approved by his sewing teacher, I really need to be a business, qualified, blah,blah,blah!!
Of course I can teach him how to replace zips and hem trousers too but I do feel he has to realise that what he has is a talent and not everyone can see things how he does, or put things together how he does. School is so negative and I'm afraid its pulling him under.
Oops forgot to say, thanks for all your comments I haven't got back to anyone and I apologise, sorry.