Saturday, September 29, 2007


I have absolutely no plans for the weekend, two of my guys left for Scotland at very early dark this morning, one left for school at 7.20am and the other has just finished all his homework and walked the dog, the shopping is done and put away. The house is clean and tidy, thanks to yesterdays coffee afternoon and the fact there was people I don't know very well visiting my normally very untidy house. (we like that lived-in look!)

So whats it to be, spinning, knitting, sewing, choices, choices.
I have 2 lots of fabric for 2 coats and this, I want to knit this and this, Jake wants me to knit one of these and I have nothing on my wheel, hmmm.
More tea and cookies will help with the decision making and I will leave you with wool pics.

Have a great weekend...tchao
P.S we raised 160 euro, that's about £110, not too bad for a few gallons of tea....

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tea anyone?

Today I am taking part in a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Care, so I am hosting a tea/coffee afternoon as part of this.

There are choc chip cookies, scones, gingerbread, fig and plum cake, oatmeal cookies and cranberry shortbread, I'll let you know how much money I raise tomorrow...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Jonah on Thursday

Jonah decided the other day when there was a storm coming, that the safest place to be was on the sofa!!

Problem was, I was already on the sofa, so he reckoned if he didn't look at anyone then we wouldn't tell him off, silly dog.

This is another example of not being on the sofa, apparently in this case he was technically on top of the boy who was on the chair, rules in this house are for breaking, pushing, stretching, sheesh!!!!

Looks pretty comfy and relaxed though!!
Knitting tomorrow.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn Sunshine

Sunday morning arrived looking like this,

glorious, so on my sunday morning walk to market I brought along my camera to capture the colour to share with you.

Conkers on Conker trees,

my favourite stall at the market

more autumn-ness

the view on the way home

and lastly some knitting content, one finished pair of socks, yeah!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fruit Salad...and Dogs, as it is Thursday.

This week I got a yummy box of fiber from Jen and decided I needed to have a play around with some, so this, which reminds me of Fruit Salad sweeties,

became this

spin and add some beads when plying to get this

unfortunately that is as far as the creativity has taken me, I have no idea what it wants to become, any ideas?

I am knitting like crazy to finish up a pair of socks for my neighbour he hunts and has a house in the country somewhere, so for the past couple of weeks I have been receiving lots of lovely stuff, pears, plums, fig and walnut jam, very yummy, pumpkin and a huge piece of Boar. I have never cooked Boar before and it was fabulous. He didn't know I knitted socks till he popped over with some stuff, his wife then told me he had been considering buying a pair of hand-knitted socks as he was feeling the cold. So they will make the perfect thank you gift and I know he will really appreciate them, always a plus!!

This is Poppy, she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, she belongs to my friend and Jonah loves her a lot.
This is her favourite sleeping place and she must be very sad as my friends recently got rid of this sofa....poor dog!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

At last!

There has been a little lack of blog posts recently mainly due to too much other stuff going on in the house and my time not being my own. Also computer access being a little limited as someone is working nights...not me!

So knitting, there are way too many odd socks hanging around, so I am determined to get round to making some pairs in the next few weeks, I also need to finish up some baby things for Jim to drop off in Scotland for his brothers baby. The crossover cardi still needs a button and some ribbon and the blue stripy is still stalled on the back.
A little organisation is needed so I need to finish up the white crossover cardi about a 10 minute job.
A few hours to finish up the stripy jumper, then I need to start on all the socks that are lying around, here.

There are a few more that don't have pictures, just in case you thought I was worried about having 2 unfinished pairs!!

I have started another stripy shawl this time in some Natural Dye Studio mohair, its a little slidy on the needles but a cute distraction from socks!

I also finished up this hat, which is a little on the big side, I might see if it will felt a bit. I am also going to knit another one as it was pretty popular around here.

My other finished item is the blue/green silk cardi, no pictures though, I will try to get some this week, maybe tomorrow at knitting.

The weather here is pretty autumnal in the morning but then we have some days where it warms up nicely, I have no idea what this tree is but it turning a lovely yellow colour, its that time of year when I never know what to wear, it just means you always need to have a cardi.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

another dog and oops another week gone by

Here he is my baby, though its not his first time appearing on the blog, he has appeared here and here (scroll down to the 4Th December).
This is Jonah wearing his "well are you going to throw that ball" expression.

Fetching a ball is his all time favourite activity, his other favourite activity at the moment is searching out the bathmat to sleep on, I tried giving him one of his own but for some reason he prefers the one we use, stepping on to a white bathmat with black dog hair attached is lovely!!!!

Thank you all for the good wishes for my back/neck, I do need to go back and see the doctor again and organise some physio. I do also need to do more exercise/stretching, that starts tomorrow.

I have managed a little spinning, a little knitting, xmas things I will post on Ravelry, my ID is yveca, stop by and say hi.
No sewing though and the weather has turned decidedly autumnal, too cold for a pretty dress, though I will try and sew it before my coat or it might never get done.

This is the first full week of school and as always rentree brings a bundle of paperwork, every year we have been here, we have been swamped and every year I vow to have it all organised and have nothing to rush around for.
You know, its never going to happen, every single time something comes back to bite me.
Jake forgot to hand his papers into school before the end of term, I discovered them when emptying his schoolbag, that was rush no1.
The school was moving building, not finished, no-one there till the day before school started, that was panic no1.

Jordan lost his wallet the 2nd day of school, it contained everything, bus card, bankcards for here and the UK, more paperwork, more photos, more photocopies.
To re-issue a bus card, I can understand the need for new photos but if a child already has one and their details are on the computer why do I need to renew the paperwork and have his birth certificate?

Rentree should be up there with moving house as the no1 most stressful thing to happen to you...........I need a holiday now to recover!

Knitting and spinning photos tomorrow....tchao

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

So, Jonah wasn't playing ball this morning, well he was playing ball cause he would never refuse that but as far as having a photo taken he was having none of it. He turned away every single time.

So instead this is Marvin, who is my cousins very cute but absolutely off his head, nutty boxer.

There has been no sewing, knitting, spinning going on here, I have hurt my back/neck so doing everything hurts, also my house is still full of boys, roll on Monday!!