Thursday, March 20, 2008


I did indeed finish Juno on time to wear it in Scotland, unfortunately there are no photos, so this will have to do.

I do love it and it is very warm and cosy. Just what I need as its freezing here, surely it must be nearly springtime?

My most recent handspun is this
Amys december fibre, Party dress, its very loud and will need to be socks.

The yarn that was bought in Scotland was some yummy Jamie Possum handpaint in Bush Harvest colour, this will be some fingerless mittens for ME.

I also bought some sock yarn which I thought my brother might like, he doesn't its not purple enough apparently and he needs to have something a little louder but not the Party Dress, its too loud!

Other knitting includes this handspun sock, which is a little overspun, so a bit hard, it is the Goblins Eyes from the fibre club.

I am off to the, not so local lys, today with a new girl in town, I have to find yarn for another boobholder, this one for my cousin, she loved it but not red. I wore mine and the red shoes to the craft fair and caused a little bit of a stir, some people just don't know how to talk about someone behind their back without them noticing......

Sorry Amelia but my Mum cut some of my shoes off, so its just nearly a photo of the shoes and cardi together

Friday, March 14, 2008

C is for


one of the very first things I like to do, no matter what the weather, is to walk along the beach at home. I have to say when I visit it is usually very windy but it still has to be done.

When coming in to land at Prestwick the pilot was giving us a weather report and said it was a bit breezy. I don't think so, its either calm or blowing a gale, I don't think we do breezy on the west coast.

This picture worries me a little as this used to be all sand and now there is an awful lot of rocks showing and all the sand is gone!

D is for

dogs of course, here are some pics of my very favourite labs, it is a shame that Jonah and Nelly never see each other. She is such a character, I am sure she would prod him into action. Here she is chasing some pesky seagulls, one of her favourite pastimes.

And of course who cares if you have a dirty face, its fun to dig!

And a small reminder that dogs are NOT allowed on the sofa ;)

I apologise for the lateness of this post, yes I finished Juno, photos coming right up and I bought a little yarn in Scotland and I will be right back.....