Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is this me?

What do you think, is this really me?

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISTP)

Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense.

Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men

You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

After a week of visitors, some sewing with the fairy princess where she had some very precise ideas about how her costume should look, we created this ensemble.

And I finally got my Etsy shop organised, there are a couple of things in it so far and I have some new things in the wings waiting for school holidays to be over.

It is definitely autumn and chilly and we had some snow on the mountains for the start of November.

Not much knitting as I am still strapping my wrist and taking it slowly and not too much computer and left handed typing :)
Off to do some sewing :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not pink for a change

Now for those of you who know me, know that I don't do green, I am a very pink person but recently I have knitted 2 green cardis
One of which was the very lovely Tempest, which is a great pattern, if it was knitted in one piece and didn't have you pick up the hem and sew it up, then it would be fabulous, I hate sewing up and this poor cardi did lie around in pieces in a bag for an awful long time. I am planning Tempest no2 though ;)

The second of the two was a shrug for the fairy princess and she needed something to match a green sundress for a wedding, she was very pleased with it as it had beads on the cast off edge. It was based on the one skein wonder but with elbow length sleeves, very cute :)

I am not knitting for a week or so as I have damaged a tendon in my right wrist and have to rest it for a week, so do you know how boring it is to watch television with no knitting?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

Today is a Pink day for Jord at school in Scotland, so far he has £130 of sponsers.

Pink hair and pink clothes.

He will be home tomorrow to visit for a week, can't wait to see him, have missed him lots.
Knitting, soon :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well a month has gone by without me writing anything about my trip to Marseille. It was amazing, meeting up with lots of lovely knitters from lots of different countries and Nancy's workshops were fantastic. She was a great teacher and kept us all in check when we talked too much...which of course wasn't too often.
I did knit the ugliest thing I have ever intentionally knitted at the sock workshop, what do you think?

This is my yet to be blocked shawl sampler, I used Natural Dye Studio sock yarn for both classes and they were much admired.
When I got back, either in the car or when I was asleep, I trapped a nerve in my back, this made doing all the things I like, computer, spinning, knitting, almost impossible.
It is much better now but I am being really careful.

My Mum has just been to visit and the weather was awful, so now that she has left the sun is shining!

I am currently knitting Tempest in some Posh Yarn Lei in a lovely green colour.
And this little thing came to stay and so far I think he kind of likes it:0)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It was a pink week

Last week was a very pink week, I received a stunning Pay it Forward package from the lovely Heather.

a very cute bag and corsage, the bag is lovely pink wool fabric and lined with satin all perfectly stitched and the corsage is knitted with some of my handspun, I love it. Thank you very much.

My second pink package was from the lovely Dee and contained yarn to knit something for my two sisters-in-law, not sure what yet but something pretty.

I did a little pink spinning at the weekend with the intention of knitting some corsages, I will show you pics when they are done, I had a little trouble finding something green in this house for leaves.....

The birthday socks are not yet done,sorry J, I will take them with me when I go to Marseille this weekend. I am off for 2 days of Nancy Bush workshops, which should be great. I have just found out that there is a place still free, so if anyone is interested in attending , let me know :0)

I have finished the Vogue Cardi so just need to sew it up once all the pieces are dry, yipee.
Just the very heavy, very warm, Cobblestone to finish up now and of course the multitude of odd socks lying around ;0)

And I finished my Spring things shawl, which is getting some use as the weather has gone back to being windy and cold :0(

That all the pink for now, more soon.......

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Its all pink

Well, the sewing project went well, jeans are all finished and being worn right now, despite the sunshine,

I finally managed to get a photo of the finished shirt, this shirt was the first sewing project, J really wanted a Paul Smith one but couldn't afford the 280euro price tag, so he made this one instead, its not too shabby either.

He now has a couple more pieces of stripey fabric and needs to find some others to co-ordinate. Finding fabric is not too much of a chore in this house ;0)

The shawl is coming on and I have almost finished the second chart, which I am doing nupp-less and with beads instead.

The sun is finally shining in Grenoble and its all green and flowery outside, today is a holiday and we have only no2 son who loves to be an only child.
We went to the park for a picnic, which turned this child into a superhero, he has been telling me since he was 3 that he would be Batman when he grew up, seems like he meant it,LOL

Thank you for all your lovely comments, its looking quite positive on the job front but as usual the company are dragging their heels about making any announcements.

My FIL has finished his Radiotherapy and is doing not too badly, tired and not sleeping and not able to concentrate to read but all in all not as bad as he expected to be.

And finally, they cut the grass at the little park yesterday, it must have been after lunch as they only cut this one wiggly line, bizarre!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its raining again....

Actually, it is not today but there is a HUGE black cloud looming over my head and I can't get it to shift no matter how many projects I have on the go, how busy I am, or how much procrastination there is in one day!

My DH is being threatened with redundancy, now this is nothing new with this company, which is why we are here in France. So its been this close before, the waiting to hear is driving me nuts, we have had to wait to hear how many? 60, then how many in each dept? it was 3 out of 9, now its 2 out of 6, which is the same thing. Not being chosen out of 9 just seems like it might be better odds though :0(

The other black cloud is my FIL has cancer in his esophagus, he finished chemotherapy a few months ago and now needs radiotherapy for a tumour in his brain, he starts that process today, this is when it is tough being so far away. My poor SIL is dealing with all the hassles and I know its tough for her and there is really nothing we can do to help, except listen.

Yesterday to keep me occupied I agreed to help Jamie with a jean design he was working on, now I know how I want things to look when I sew and can usually come up with something close.
Trying to get a visual picture out of an 18year olds head is tough, yikes.
It was fun, though that child procrastinates way more than I do.
They are all cut and ready to sew, except for two small things, we need to buy pink buttonhole thread for the top-stitching and someone has a social life that is way more important than sewing ;0)

I spun up the 12oz of Icelandic roving in Snow Squall from Amy, its 520m and 100m spun with a little of this BFL Galaxy Uranus.

I need to spin up the rest of the BFL and am going to knit something with them together, not sure what yet but something for next winter.

These are my attempt at crocheting and will decorate a bag with these fabrics.

Cobblestone is at the yoke and is too heavy to lug around, so I needed a nice portable project, cause you can never have too many projects on the go.

So this is it, a pretty shawl in the softest Silkwood pink angora bunny wool gifted to me last year by Yvonne. It has been waiting a long time to be this and the beginning is a great, almost mindless project, just what I need, more soon........

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess what

Guess what arrived with the postman this morning, no, not my HK order silly, this

yep, this is the xmas parcel I sent from Scotland, it apparently couldn't be delivered on the 7th Jan and they left a notice, my brother says not and then they shipped it back to me on the 1st Feb, by the slow boat of course. So now here is the thing, do I try again to send it?

Cobblestone is a big black hole and is driving me crazy. I took the unfinished Cobblestone with me when we went away for a few days. Easy knitting, round and round and round and round and its not getting any longer, for 3 whole days it measured 12", I need it to measure 18, its my own fault for having a tall husband!!

When I was away I did knit a pair of socks for a 5year old, her new wellies were a little big, so they were a necessity, she then had to be prised out them to be washed as they were soooo comfy, it is nice when your knitting is appreciated.

The vogue cardi is coming along, I didn't take it with me as it involves counting, pastis/holiday/lots of people and counting don't really mix too well.

My brothers birthday socks got started too, he chose the Trekking colour from my Ravelry stash photos, I did buy it for me but I am letting him have it, I am not really short of sock yarn, funnily enough!

This came too this week, its some yummy Wollmeise sock yarn, the only problem is that I might have to hide the purple one from my brother ;0)

The weather is still not very Spring-like, very wet and still cold, perfect knitting weather, if only everyone would go back to school/work and give me peace ;0)

I must finish this sock, I am posting it here so that I HAVE to knit it, soon.....

Monday, April 07, 2008


Have you seen this Juliet?

Last seen wrapped in red shiny christmas paper and packed in a PO box along with another parcel containing a lovely dolly and new clothes.
If you see her please let me know, she did of course have the buttons attached and black crotcheted button-loops, thank you.
The xmas parcel is still missing so I have started on a new xmas knitting for my sil. I couldn't find yarn I liked for another Juliet so I decided to knit this instead. I am knitting it in Plassard meri-cach8 which is handwash only, sorry A, but is lovely, though does not like being frogged too much.....

The other knitting includes these socks from my handspun, they will be sent to my Dad as apparently they feel a little TOO woolly! Who knew that my guys had sensitive feet.....

I still have one sock to finish for my mum, I knitted the first Monkey ages ago but can't seem to get into any kind of rythmn with this one, soon Mum I promise.
I have been sewing and have some new t-shirts all ready just to be ironed. Jamie has just to sew the buttons on to his designer-copy shirt, its very cute. We bought some fabric to make a couple more, I think he is going to cut them out today.

Today I am going to do a little laundry, ironing and then some more sewing cause the sun is shining at last. It is still freezing but there is hope that spring will soon be here.

I am still nagging to get my not received order from Hipknits resolved and there is a thread about it on Ravelry here. I am hoping it will be sorted soon.........

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I did indeed finish Juno on time to wear it in Scotland, unfortunately there are no photos, so this will have to do.

I do love it and it is very warm and cosy. Just what I need as its freezing here, surely it must be nearly springtime?

My most recent handspun is this
Amys december fibre, Party dress, its very loud and will need to be socks.

The yarn that was bought in Scotland was some yummy Jamie Possum handpaint in Bush Harvest colour, this will be some fingerless mittens for ME.

I also bought some sock yarn which I thought my brother might like, he doesn't its not purple enough apparently and he needs to have something a little louder but not the Party Dress, its too loud!

Other knitting includes this handspun sock, which is a little overspun, so a bit hard, it is the Goblins Eyes from the fibre club.

I am off to the, not so local lys, today with a new girl in town, I have to find yarn for another boobholder, this one for my cousin, she loved it but not red. I wore mine and the red shoes to the craft fair and caused a little bit of a stir, some people just don't know how to talk about someone behind their back without them noticing......

Sorry Amelia but my Mum cut some of my shoes off, so its just nearly a photo of the shoes and cardi together

Friday, March 14, 2008

C is for


one of the very first things I like to do, no matter what the weather, is to walk along the beach at home. I have to say when I visit it is usually very windy but it still has to be done.

When coming in to land at Prestwick the pilot was giving us a weather report and said it was a bit breezy. I don't think so, its either calm or blowing a gale, I don't think we do breezy on the west coast.

This picture worries me a little as this used to be all sand and now there is an awful lot of rocks showing and all the sand is gone!

D is for

dogs of course, here are some pics of my very favourite labs, it is a shame that Jonah and Nelly never see each other. She is such a character, I am sure she would prod him into action. Here she is chasing some pesky seagulls, one of her favourite pastimes.

And of course who cares if you have a dirty face, its fun to dig!

And a small reminder that dogs are NOT allowed on the sofa ;)

I apologise for the lateness of this post, yes I finished Juno, photos coming right up and I bought a little yarn in Scotland and I will be right back.....