Thursday, May 08, 2008

Its all pink

Well, the sewing project went well, jeans are all finished and being worn right now, despite the sunshine,

I finally managed to get a photo of the finished shirt, this shirt was the first sewing project, J really wanted a Paul Smith one but couldn't afford the 280euro price tag, so he made this one instead, its not too shabby either.

He now has a couple more pieces of stripey fabric and needs to find some others to co-ordinate. Finding fabric is not too much of a chore in this house ;0)

The shawl is coming on and I have almost finished the second chart, which I am doing nupp-less and with beads instead.

The sun is finally shining in Grenoble and its all green and flowery outside, today is a holiday and we have only no2 son who loves to be an only child.
We went to the park for a picnic, which turned this child into a superhero, he has been telling me since he was 3 that he would be Batman when he grew up, seems like he meant it,LOL

Thank you for all your lovely comments, its looking quite positive on the job front but as usual the company are dragging their heels about making any announcements.

My FIL has finished his Radiotherapy and is doing not too badly, tired and not sleeping and not able to concentrate to read but all in all not as bad as he expected to be.

And finally, they cut the grass at the little park yesterday, it must have been after lunch as they only cut this one wiggly line, bizarre!


Elizabeth said...

I love those jeans, kudos on the top stitching, that's excellent work.
Hope you find out about the job situation soon.
Someone has a sense of humour at the Parks Department, it made me chuckle.

Flavaknits said...

Very impressed with the jeans and shirt - my first impression was, Very Paul Smith !
Hope all goes well with the job, it is such a worry, and companies tend to think of no one (bitter experience!).
Glad to hear that your FIL is doing well - I bet your picture of the park grass would make him laugh (like me!)

heather said...

3rd time lucky - I tried to leave a comment twice before but kept getting bounced !

jeans and shirt - very funky and beautifully done by the looks of them. There definitely needs to be some "for profit" sewing going on in your house. And I like the grass, much more interesting than bland crew-cut evenness ;0)

Heather x

RedScot said...

Wow - the sewing projects are very impressive!

Sending good thoughts for everything...

jessie said...

Fantastic shirt!

Amelia said...

Thinking of you my dear. I love the shirt, I wish I could sew like that! x

Poshyarns said...

Oh my goodness, I am speechless (almost), you did an amazing job of the jeans and shirt, really amazing, your skills are incredible.

So sorry to hear about all your troubles Yvette, I hope things settle down and you get some good news jobwise and that your FIL improves.

BabyLongLegs said...

I love those jeans!!! Very funky ;)
Hugs for all the badness.......and glad some of it is getting better :)

Sarah xXx