Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my lovely Mums bithday, she is currently doing a fabulous job taking care of no2 son for me. Its not easy as he is a stroppy teenager but I appreciate it millions, he is so happy to be studying in Scotland, the difference for him is HUGE!!
This is her birthday pressie, which I am sure has arrived, La Poste hasn't been playing up too much recently going in that direction.

It is Hey Teach from Knitty, knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora.
Hope you have a lovely day Mum.

The merino spinning is still on the wheel, I have dyed some fibre, some BFL and some Shetland as I am taking part in Amys groups SAL/KAL.
The challenge is to spin a laceweight single and knit it into a shawl, there a couple of shawl options, I think I am going with the Aeolian from Knitty as its less yardage to spin. I have only spun a laceweight single once and haven't actually knit with it............yet!

I dyed some fibre for this as I didn't have anything semi-solid enough AND everything I have is only 4oz, I need some wiggle room to get enough yardage.
The challenge has to be done over April/May, so I am hoping to get it done.

The Laminaria is still on the needles, I really am not loving it, though I have now got to the stage of being able to read it, before I was blindly knitting and letting out a sigh of relief when I got to the end of a row with the right stitch count. I am going to try to finish it soon, I have 10 rows to go I think ;)

Some little sewing has been done, need to make some more like this, so cute.
Also I discovered the cat likes to drink tea, now I am wondering, how long as he been sticking his paws in my tea cup when I am not around, bleuch!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well its almost spring, still cold but the sun is trying to shine.
This is last February's Spunky Eclectic Club roving, Think Spring colour, its South African Fine, it measures 310yds, it probably needs to be socks as I don't do yellow ;)

This is my Natural Dye Studio orphan Ishbel, by Ysolda, I did a couple of extra repeats added on to the small size, it measures and weighs 144g. I like it and think I might knit another one.

Just finished is a cardi for my Mum, it needs blocked and sewn up, I think I might just make it in time for her birthday on the 31st but don't hold your breath, I do love sewing up...........not!

Some sewing next, though I am waiting for our new iron to be delivered as the current on fried itself. I also need to get the owner to come and check out the electrics as I am sure there is something not right with them, we had to replace the televsion recently too, hmm.........

Lastly, for the last night of the panto we had a little fun quiz, we took an old photo, added a speech bubble and had to guess who everyone was, here is mine, taken on Irvine beach 1968 :)