Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its raining again....

Actually, it is not today but there is a HUGE black cloud looming over my head and I can't get it to shift no matter how many projects I have on the go, how busy I am, or how much procrastination there is in one day!

My DH is being threatened with redundancy, now this is nothing new with this company, which is why we are here in France. So its been this close before, the waiting to hear is driving me nuts, we have had to wait to hear how many? 60, then how many in each dept? it was 3 out of 9, now its 2 out of 6, which is the same thing. Not being chosen out of 9 just seems like it might be better odds though :0(

The other black cloud is my FIL has cancer in his esophagus, he finished chemotherapy a few months ago and now needs radiotherapy for a tumour in his brain, he starts that process today, this is when it is tough being so far away. My poor SIL is dealing with all the hassles and I know its tough for her and there is really nothing we can do to help, except listen.

Yesterday to keep me occupied I agreed to help Jamie with a jean design he was working on, now I know how I want things to look when I sew and can usually come up with something close.
Trying to get a visual picture out of an 18year olds head is tough, yikes.
It was fun, though that child procrastinates way more than I do.
They are all cut and ready to sew, except for two small things, we need to buy pink buttonhole thread for the top-stitching and someone has a social life that is way more important than sewing ;0)

I spun up the 12oz of Icelandic roving in Snow Squall from Amy, its 520m and 100m spun with a little of this BFL Galaxy Uranus.

I need to spin up the rest of the BFL and am going to knit something with them together, not sure what yet but something for next winter.

These are my attempt at crocheting and will decorate a bag with these fabrics.

Cobblestone is at the yoke and is too heavy to lug around, so I needed a nice portable project, cause you can never have too many projects on the go.

So this is it, a pretty shawl in the softest Silkwood pink angora bunny wool gifted to me last year by Yvonne. It has been waiting a long time to be this and the beginning is a great, almost mindless project, just what I need, more soon........


Ewa said...

Oh I'm so sorry about all the bad news you're having to deal with - I hope the black clouds move away soon. You're right to take solace in what you CAN affect. Big virtual hugs :-)

Sarah said...

So sorry for your troubles - hope the sun shines on you all soon

Glad to see that you're to my way of thinking that there is no such thing as too many wips - have fun with them :o)

Susan said...

Oh, Yvette, I've been having a difficult year or two and I'm sorry to hear that you are, too. I think that you have the right idea, trying to distract yourself from worrying about things you cannot change. It doesn't always work, but isn't it amazing when it does and you suddenly realize that an hour or two has passed without your mind having dwelt on your troubles? (hugs) to you and if you want to talk, just e-mail me.

Queen of the froggers said...

I am sorry to hear about all the stress you have at the moment. Fingers crossed for all of you. The spinning is lovely and the shawl should keep your mind busy. Its pretty.

RedScot said...

I hope the clouds, of all types, disappear from your horizon soon...

All the best from thunder-stormy Tours.


Anonymous said...

Hope things are looking better for you soon. I'dx love to see the jeans when they are finished and the crochet flowers are awesome.