Monday, June 04, 2007

Bonne Fete de Maman

It was mothers day here yesterday, so we had presents, flowers, chocolate cake and strawberries, and of course an I.O.U for a t-shirt that is going to be made for me.
I have no idea where he got the idea that IOU's were okay for presents....must stop teaching my children bad habits.

In order not to have a re-run of the christmas fiasco where no-one ordered my requested book, I did indeed go ahead and order them myself, so here they are in all their loveliness, as yet they are free of any post-it stickers, but there is still time before they make it into a box.

There is bad news though, Jamie was not allowed to do his work placement with me, just to clarify, it is compulsory they spend one month working in the alteration/sewing business to complete their year, when it comes down to it I would rather he worked with me, passed this year and moved up, than his other choice, which is leave school and find a job completely unqualified. Lots of chances there!
It is a shame as all my friends have already told me they will gladly bring all their mending/alterations round. These are jobs I usually say a polite no to, I would rather make a new pair of trousers than replace a zip!

My other bad news is my copy of Interweave is lost in the post, not that I need distraction or a new project, so you all have to stop making cute stuff like this, I REALLY want this.

A really bad picture of my lovely flowers, sorry Jord......


Poshyarns said...

Oh such bad news on the Interweave front(and Jamie of course), indeed there are too many great patterns out there, why oh why can someone not invent extra hours in the day?? Ink flared sweater is very quick to fit in though....

Lovely book selection, makes me crave a glass of wine and a lovely quiet evening to sit down and read through new knitting books, heaven.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yep, I spotted that particular garment - lovely, isn't it?
I don't understand why your son can't do this - surely there are standards to be met, which can be shown as achieved???

Flavaknits said...

I have one skein wonders , it is a great book, and I am about to buy the lace style book, I looked through it and fell in love.
Glad you had a good Mothers Day!

jacqueline said...

oh no. i really feel bad for jamie. is there anyone else in the sewing/alteration business that you know and might be able to help him out.

it is awful if this small technicality gets in his way.