Monday, December 04, 2006


So what do you think the attraction was? The smell of wet wool? The damp towel? Or the jaggy pins?
This project is done, daylight pictures tomorrow as I spent daylight hours today helping a friend clean the rented house she is moving out of. It is all fun around here.
So tomorrow starts the mad panic of packing christmas presents to take to London, packing projects to take, for me and for Malia, lots of glue-sticks and shiny things to stick!!
Have to write out yardage amounts for future yarn projects in case I escape to visit Stash.
Get the boys to finalise their shopping lists and score off all the unnecessary items like doughnuts! Not a lot really.....


Anonymous said...

Poppy is obviously more of a bad influence on him than we suspected.... Next thing you know he'll be raiding the bin. He really suits that little shawl by the way!
I'm doing the anonymous thing again tonight as blogger has decided I don't exist anymore.... See you at the knitworking café tomorrow, Mandy x

Mary said...

The pins must be very comfy to sleep on! Hope you have a good time in London and manage to fit in a little yarn time.