Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, Saturday was fun, I dragged my overlocker and machine to the boys old primary school to sew some fleece hats and scarves for their christmas fair. They are fundraising for a trip. It was a good laugh and I met some very nice women. I did come home with my head spinning as the language switched from french to english all morning till I didn't know which way was up. I find it very hard to listen and multi-task in two different languages.

Sunday was all french, all spinning and dyeing, so all new vocabulary. I met up with 6 french spinners through this forum.
We spent a lovely day dyeing some roving,

and checking out all the different types of wheel and fibres that they all had.

I had to leave the house at 6.45am, had to listen and speak french all day and caught the train home at 5.20pm, I was so exhausted I could hardly talk when I got home but it was so worth it.
This is my part of the roving all dry.

With my few hours on the train I managed to finish this shawl that has been hanging about as a WIP since about february I think.

Its the Forest Canopy shawl in Plassard Alpaga, 1.5 skeins on 5mm needles. It is blocking now, picture when its dry.

Still chugging along on the christmas knitting, nothing exciting or finished.
Today I have to buy more black wool for another skull hat and finish up Octobers fibre before Novembers arrives.
I also have to do some Jean shopping for a child whose legs have grown a few inches, do you think it is possible for only legs to grow?
More soon....tchao


Spinningfishwife said...

Oooh, I'm jealous, I'd love to go to a french spinners and dyers meeting. Not that my french is up to it, not even slightly, but I'd go anyway.

Say hello from me next time you meet up. I don't post a lot on that forum because my written french is even worse than my spoken, but I still go there to read it.

Love the roving, btw. Great colours. What are you going to make with it?

Samy said...

Good work in train, shawl is beautiful.