Friday, November 09, 2007

Have they gone yet?

Yeah, the boys went back to school and I get to breathe, relax.
I love my boys but after almost 2 weeks of school holidays I am glad to get back to some kind of routine.
While they were home I knitted on some xmas knitting, like this and this.
Don't click the link if you think it might be your xmas present.

I also recently added to my fibre stash, which is really small, so now I have this too, isn't it all lovely.

I have to finish up some stuff before I have time to spin, maybe at the weekend.

I am working on a big sewing project for me, now its been a long time since I sewed anything for me that takes more than a few hours. In fact its been a long time since I sewed anything, so now I have something that looks like this, scary, huh!

Can you tell what it is yet??


Midsummer night's knitter said...

where do you get that yummy fibre from?

Sarah said...

Am very intrigued by the sewing project - good luck!

heather said...

Can't tell what it is - but I love the colour ! Looks good enough to eat :0)

Spinningfishwife said...'s fabric? ;-)

Love the fibre. Was it from Fair Isle Fairie? I was very, very tempted to get one of her grab bags, but finances do not permit. Anyway, I'm trying to reduce the fibre stash a bit! (But it would be nice to know exactly what she sent you....)

JudyMac said...

Lovely fibery goodness there :)

I like the secret project, very nice colour.