Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is part of what I am up to today, you don't want to see the rest.

The thing about children is they get to an age when they really can't decide if they want to keep toys or do they admit they are told old to play with them.
If they are too old for them, what then? Keep them for future generations? Give them away or throw them out? Jake is twelve and for almost a year there are certain toys that have not seen the light of day but they are still his and still dear to his heart. Its kind of sad to see your baby grow-up.

We do have a few boxes in my dads attic that I couldn't part with Duplo and the Thomas the Tank Engine collection of trains, the Brio collection went to my niece at Christmas time and that was a big wrench for Jake.

In this apartment we have no extra space, so its time to make that decision, Jake has been in a horrible mood all day, I know why, he doesn't want to decide.
So far we have chucked out all the rubbish and the broken guys! I put together all these guys, please don't tell me if they are wearing the wrong clothes!
So we have some knex, lego, megablox and playmobil, its kinda scary how much there is but this stuff has belonged to all three boys, so about 13years of toy collecting........decisions, decisions.

So on the knitting front, I am on the edging chart for my shawl so might be finished by tomorrow, no sock progress, there may be some later


Mary said...

Keep the Playmobil. My sisters and I loved it as children and Sam & Josie have been equally keen. As for the other stuff - why don't you Ebay it and let the children get some more grown up stuff with the proceeds?

heather said...

Well, well, well - you bloomin' dark horse you ! How did I manage to miss this ?? About time you joined the blogging world and shared some pictures of your lovely work :0)

Elizabeth said...

We have been through this each time there is a big purge/bedroom clean outin our house. Surprisingly, I am getting more nostalgic for their toys and the memories attached these days. But space and clutter is always a factor and we save only the most special. As I always remember a friend telling me when she moved away and purged most of her things,
"Stuff just weighs you down, mentally and physically"