Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting bee and bags

...And fabric of course.
So first this is the fabric that actually came home with me yesterday as
I was inspired to do something with it.
So this morning I made this bag.
I needlefelted onto some denim and used the flowery fabric as the lining.
I gave it to Marie who gave me the whole load of fabric this afternoon, she loved it.

I have to say the rest of the fabric is still in my car, there is a HUGE amount,
3 bags, a box and 2 small boxes of ribbon and trims, ssshhhh, don't tell Jim.

Its alright dear its not all going to live here, tomorrow I am taking it to my friends house to share with her, I will take photos then as someone asked to see the new fabric stash.

Today was the knitting bee and it was fun, lots of scarf knitting going on as its suddenly freezing here, very frosty.

One scarf knitter is about to take the plunge and knit her first cardigan aren't you Mandy?

I forgot the camera though, next week, definitely. I did not get my sock finished I spent too much time talking and collecting fabric, will try to finish it tonight, its his birthday on the 20th so I have time, technically they were for last year but who is counting!!

I was also asked to take sock pictures with feet in them, I will once the right sized feet are around!


Vicki Knitorious said...

Ooooh, the teaser photos are lovely! Very, very nice.

heather said...

Gorgeous fabrics Yvette ! And needle felting too. I've always fancied trying that but someone told me it really hurt your fingers ?

marjorie said...

I love your bag with the flowery lining, and the socks, especially the one with the plain red toe. And your dog is almost identical to mine except--today was his annual checkup, and he is, how shall I put it, Portly. He is now on a serious weight loss diet.

Ellen in Conn said...

Oh, that sunflower fabric is gorgeous! No way would I put that on the inside of a bag. It would be on the outside - a tablecloth or napkins or apron or a summer tank-type shirt. Nice linings are one thing, but fabulous fabric like that needs exposure. But that's just me. As I tell my children, you do what you think is best. And I mean it. Gosh, I'm not sure I should be commenting so early in the morning - things aren't coming out right.

Oh, and look at that awful verification word - ohrgmhtm - I'm sure they know what I am writing and are trying to shut me up.

No, really Yvette, it is a nice bag.

yvette said...

Hi Ellen
I agree the fabric is fab but there really wasn't enough of it to do much else with and I love to see something exciting inside bags. I too hate when they give you horrible word verification words...