Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its Autumn

Its still pretty green looking outside, though there are some leaves around.
I took this yesterday of a Persimmon tree in my friends garden, I love the colour it turns.
This morning it was a lovely autumn morning cold, clear and sunny, I am hoping we have lots more leaves falling soon, I love scrunching in them.

Knitting, I have done a little but it is boring. I have lots of projects in my head but need to focus a little. I have signed up to sell some stuff at a couple of craft fairs at the beginning of December, so really need to get a move on.

Today the creativity was kind of sucked out of me because someone (me) stupidly suggested we bag up all the lego in 500g bags to sell at the toy sale at the end of the month! They also stupidly said that really the Megablox and the Lego should be separated...Duh!!! So far, I have sorted and weighed about 3 kilos of bricks, so am kind of skelly reading the tiny print on the blocks! Someone else (not me) suggested we build the big things HP Castle etc and sell them bagged with the instructions, NO WAY, I hate building lego with instuctions, I only like building things of my own invention. So maybe someone else will build them, or NOT!!!!!

Of course the bags of bricks are colour co-ordinated, why would they not be???


marjorie said...

Are persimmons like small oranges? I think I've seen them being "candied" in a sugar syrup, on a cooking show I was watching. Then you eat them, but with what?

heather said...

Quite. I should think so too. I would have been horrifed had you been flogging off lego in mixed colour bags. :D

Heather x

Ellen in Conn said...

persimmons are either American or Japanese (or other). They have a thin smooth skin and smooth creamy flesh of a lovely orange. If they are not really ripe, they will suck all the saliva out of your mouth like banana peel does. I don't know the word for this. Yucky, though. I made a persimmon cake once, 20 years or so ago. I don't remember what it was like. I sliced a nice Japanese persimmon a few years ago and it was okay. Fruity and smooth, with a hint of fear or apprehension about the puckeriness. That's all I know

yvette said...

Thanks Ellen