Monday, October 01, 2007

Non-birthday post

So today is the 2nd October that is the day after my birthday, hands up who remembered it was my birthday?
That is in the people who are supposed to remember?
Okay, there are only 4 of you and not one of my guys remembered to leave me a card, make me a card, goodness knows there are enough supplies for card making lying around, nothing, nada, zero, zilch, you guys are rubbish!

So instead of me getting cards, you, the blog readers, get to have a competition instead, this is a non 41st birthday,almost 1 year blog birthday contest, also I am interested to see how any lurkers there are.

So, at the minute sock yarn is my thing, the contest is how many pairs of socks could I knit without buying any more yarn?

Now, you could cheat and look on ravelry but I have to admit to being really slack at loading stash on there.

So leave me a comment before saturday 6th october and we will see who is closest to the winning number, the winner receives sock yarn of course.

So other than sulking abut the non-birthday event I did some spinning this weekend.

This is some merino tencel from Amy, which I did find really hard to work with but my reason behind joining Amy's fibre club was to be pushed to try new things.

I am a very beginner spinner but I am not going to keep new fibre until I am a better spinner, I will only be a better spinner if I try new and harder things. This worked out not too bad as far as I can tell. I have about 85m of 3 ply very soft, shiny yarn, in a colour that is SO not me but which taught me a lot. Perfect!

I did start my Juliet and have just started the lace part, I did just start the lace part about 4 times,
something to do with the not able to read
or count to 3..
or 4... made it all too difficult.
I think I have it now, but am sure I could have been almost finished it, if I had only stopped and read the pattern through,
1 more time!!!


Wye Sue said...

I'm going to guess 24 pairs - I just hope that you haven't got really small feet otherwise I will be way out !!

Hope you have some late celebrations, and every oportunity to eat cake ;-)

bonnie said...

I'd say 42 pairs and a belated happy birthday - no cards - that sucks

alltangledup said...

happy birthday!!!
I'm guessing 48 because that's a lucky number!

jessie said...

Happy birthday, Yvette! Boys will be boys but blog readers will never let you down! I am going to be conservative and say 17 pairs.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Happy birthday :0)
That yarn is seriously gorgeous, by the way!

Monkee Maker said...

Cuh! Men and kids! What are they like?? And how would they feel if *we* forgot their birthdays, huh? huh?? (Sorry to sound bitter but my house is a bit like yours around b'day time too!)

Anyhoo, I think that you could knit 27 pairs of little socks and 15 pairs of grown up ones. Does that count as two entries and is that allowed?

(I've only ever knitted one sock before so I'm not really sure of the quantities used)

Have fun with your fibres :)

Spinningfishwife said...

31, and that's a completely random guess.....;-D

My birthday's on the 7th, btw, and I reminded the kids myself which is only fair at their age...they get more upset than anyone if the miss my birthday. Their father is useless at remembering birthdays though.

I subscribed to Amy's fibre club as my birthday pressie to myself, as it happens. I thought I might as well get one present I liked! I haven't started the Aspen yet, but soon. Your Aspen yarn looks great.

Spinningfishwife said...

Opps, and Happy Belated Birthday.

Poshyarns said...

Oh no, shame on them, belated Happy Birthday from me.

The yarn you have spun is gorgeous and I think your attitude is perfect, it is all too easy to be forever saving things for best which all to often means they never get used. Well done for using it.

I am going to guess 27 pairs.

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine went unnoticed this year, too. I tried being assertive and telling my husband that he screwed up and that I expected him to make it up to me. He agreed, but, almost four months later, he still hasn't made it up to me. . . So I haven't any good advice on how to make the situation better.

And my sock guess is 39.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm going to lowball here and say 10, that's still a lot of stash in my opinion, but I guess I'm in the minority here. I have yarn for 4 pairs and that's a record for me.
Happy Belated Birthday!

heather said...

OUch ! I think some serious groveling is required from the men in your life - I hope you're finding some way to make them pay ?! Vindictive ? Who ? Me ?

Hope it was a good birthday anyway despite the cardlessness (is that a word ?)

I'm going with 35 'cos you don't look a day over it my dear ;0)

Heather x

carol said...

Happy belated birthday - my guess is that you could make 19 pairs of socks.

Craftydramaqueen said...

My guess is 12, though looking at what others have put, I think I'm waaay out!! Happy Non-birthday.
I've tagged you on my blog.

Flavaknits said...

Am very impressed with your "beginner" spinner skills, yarn looked lovely. Ooohh, how many socks could you knit with stash, mmmmm , I'll say 41 pairs - to go with your birthday (or non-birthday thingy , lol)
Our family are notorious for forgetting birthdays - tend to double up at Christmas!

Fair isle faerie said...

Happy birthday to you too !!!!

Now if your sock yarn stash is anything like mine your looking at at least 70 pairs before you even begin to look like running low.


Angie said...

Oh my! Happy birthday, Yvette! Darn boys! I'm going to guess 23 pairs of socks. May you have a wonderful and prosperous coming year.

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog by chance and was peeking at your wonderful pictures. I was surprised to read that you're a "beginning spinner" - I think your yarns are gorgeous and you've got a real talent for spinning, especially if you're still new at it! This yarn in particular is beautiful. These are my colors!