Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally finished

Yes, I do have at last a FO that is not a pair of socks,
it seems like this shawl has been on the needles for the longest time.
I was thoroughly sick of it by the end.
I love the pattern and the yarn but none of the needles I had were working with the mohair and the slipperiness on my addi, drove me insane!
I did need the needle for something else so, it had to be finished.

It has been added to the xmas present pile. (which is still very small!)

The other day a package arrived from Maylin and it contained this loveliness.

The colours of the one on the right are sooooo pretty when spun, so it became this,

and this.

I love it, thank you Maylin.
You can see more of Maylins stuff here

The thick and thin I want to knit ysoldas urchin beret with but not sure if it is thick enough, it really wanted to be thin yarn, so the other half became thin singles that I don't know what I am doing with yet. Something pretty.
This afternoons choice of activity is ironing or some spinning of purple roving, choices, choices!!

This part is really not knitting related so you can skip it if you want.
All weekend there has been a discussion going on in Ravelry which did start out as a discuss the hooha caused by Jane's lovely book and the term pinny porn which was used to describe it.
Having listened to the interview on Womens Hour, I was interested to see what everyone else thought.
Well, this discussion went way, way off topic, starting with someone saying that boys knitting made her cringe!
Also that as women our jobs were to look after the men and boys shouldn't be encouraged to do girly things!!!
As at the time of reading the comments were already in the 200+, I didn't get involved, but at dinner the boys were asking what I had been reading, it did take me a while to read it all.
So I explained what it was, this was of course while eating dinner, which for the most part my husband had cooked, while no2 son made muffins.
Anyway after explaining everything no 3 teenage son said, "So, does she just think that women should be slaves then?"
No2 said "Why as an adult would I expect anyone else to do things for me, that I am perfectly capable of doing myself!"
So I am very proud of my boys who knit, sew, do laundry, etc etc, I have to say the rest of the dinner conversation included football, rugby, cars, a physics test, and the Nobel prize winners, just in case you were worried we only talked knitting chez moi!!


alltangledup said...

I think some of the views shown were downright scary. Well done you for raising such balanced and independent boys.

Spinningfishwife said...

Quite bloomin' right too. (You, not the other ones.) My eleven year old son ran six loads of washing through the machine for me yesterday, just as an aside from playing his computer games. (Half term.) And why not? He's got hands, and I was making his Halloween outfit.

Oops...that will be me sitting firmly on the fence then. I craft, make cakes AND expect my son to do effeminate stuff like laundry!

Lovely shawl, btw. And incidentally, beginners aren't supposed to be able to make that sort of beautiful beaded yarn, didn't you know? ;-)

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Yvette,

I'd love to see a monkee snowboarding - that would be fab! I'm hoping to open my monkee shop soon so maybe your son can twist your arm into getting him one for Christmas! (Alternatively you can give in to his nagging and get cracking on one yourself!)

With regard to your post; I listened to the podcast of that Woman's Hour interview, and mainly I think it's a shame that there even has to be a debate about it. Why can't we just live and let live? It really is a hot potato at the moment though, isn't it?

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yep, you've done a great job on your boys!

maylin said...

That yarn is gorgeous and so will whatever you knit with it. The shawl looks out of this world.

If I had daughters I would be trying to arrange a marriage with your boys now. - only kidding just in case anyone thought I was into arranged marriages.

Flavaknits said...

Shawl looks lovely. Ravelry sounds very ... weird, or the views exchanged on it. Never understood why women wish to make themselves slaves to men ( or the men that accept it )
Anyway - its all about live and let live (and I'm still training my two boys , ge if you give them an inch... lol)