Thursday, October 18, 2007


Jonah was in serious need of a bath, he loves to be washed outside with a hose. He hates getting in the bath, I think the photo proves how much he loves it!

It takes 2 people to stop him from jumping out all soapy and shaking everywhere, all in all, a fun way to spend an afternoon. Luckily the sun was shining so he got to dry off while running around outside because there is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog, even clean wet dog.

I am getting all organised for a day of being a taxi, there is a strike here. The teachers are not allowed to tell the kids they are on strike, so they have to go to school at normal time, there are buses early in the morning, then the bus drivers go out. The kids are then stranded at school with half of their teachers not there, so need ferried around, the traffic will be horrendous, so something to look forward to later.


Spinningfishwife said...

You need a old tin bath for the garden, missus. He looks so...well, these big sad doggy eyes! Awww!

Susan said...

Poor Jonah! If he likes riding in the car, then maybe it will be a special treat for him to come with you as you taxi the boys about.

Sarah said...

Oh bless him!

Your shawl is very lovely - so delicate.

Vivian said...

My dogs do the slipery post-bath dance too. I used to get in the tub with them to keep them in there.

Interesting with the teacher's strike situation, hope it won't last too long.

JudyMac said...

Oh no, I'm going to have the same problem with Alys tomorrow...somehow she found something rancid in the garden tonight eeeek!
Wow, the strike is a bit hard on the kids and the informal 'taxis'.

Sabine said...

Dearest Yvette!!
I LOVE your blog and sometimes I miss you so much that the only thing that helps is knitting or going to your blog! I often think of you - especially when buying shoes. You would be so proud of me - I now own quite the collection for my standards :-) . I also think of you when I go to the craft store and so on so on!!
I send much love - and will try to make my own blog!!

Fair isle faerie said...

Awww poor thing is not enjoying himself is he.

Your email seems to have gotton lost in the cyberspace abyss, but i got your comment so i have put a box of fibre aside for you.

Try copy & pasting see if that works


Donna said...

Jonah looks so sad....but clean! Wet dog is my favorite smell! (lol)

Jennifer said...

Awww...poor boy! So cute!