Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rant warning

This rant is mostly anti-male, in fact its all anti-male and kinda ugly too.
SO, for christmas I asked for this book, I had help in hint dropping from this person, who very kindly emailed all my guys with a link to amazon to buy my book....easy, even for guys!
On the 20th december I asked if it had arrived as I am the one who picks up the mail and I knew there had been no packages arrive that could have been MY book. I was met with blank faces and then the accusations of who they all thought was ordering MY book. It turns out in the end that they actually thought that maybe I should have ordered it along with all the other stuff I had ordered for them!!
So I did, on the 20th december along with a couple of boxed sets of old movies that I decided should be mine too, you know for pain and suffering etc etc!
Then I waited and waited, it was split into two packages and they were shipped on the 14th and 16th of January AND they haven't today I had to give an alternate address for them to re-send them, they are going to my dad and he is bringing them to me, that is ALL except MY book, its out of stock and they don't know how long I will have to wait and they will refund my money and I can re-order it, sheesh, at this rate by the time it comes it will be too hot to knit.
I reckon I am just not meant to have this book or ever knit a lace shawl.......

Rant no2 takes off from where Jessie leaves off with GBB, so when the guys in this house do find the thing they are looking for and use it, what stops them putting it back where they found it?
I realised recently that I clear away all manner of shower gel, toothpaste, hair-gel, deodorant and most recently contact lens solution and the container they live in overnight, every flippin day. They all obviously know where to find these things, so what stops them from taking the 2 seconds to put it back in the cupboard? And putting the lids on things, whats the hardship, do they think the fairies do it once they have gone.
So when using my stuff to sew, which of course is allowed, it is not acceptable to suggest that all my stuff, scissors etc should just go back wherever you like, because then when I need them, they are not there and that makes me twitch, just a little.............
I need to chill, pass me a drink India.......cheers!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Are you sure just one'll do the job? Sounds like at least 2, maybe 3 are needed.

jacqueline said...

order it from in the US.

it is in stock there and although there might be a slight price discrapancy i think you absolutely deserve it by now!

do it will feel so much better for it and you're book will be at your house in no time!

jessie said...

I have to say that my husband has lately (after almost 15 years) been stepping up in the putting-away department. A little.

But I'm wondering if the reason they leave everything out is so they stand a chance of finding it the next time....

So annoying.

heather said...

I have to tell you GBB is clearly contagious and able to cross-gender mutate when it comes into contact with girls under, say about 12 ? With the exception of Al (most definitely a GBB sufferer) the rest of the household here is female but as the only one OVER 12 (slightly !) apparently I'm also the only one who can manage to put away pretty much anything !

marjorie said...

I understand where you're coming from concerning men but I have to say that my man is not too bad. He got me yarn for Christmas--even took me to a new store I haven't been to before! Now, if he could only put away his neckties. He whips them off the minute he gets in the door, and drops them on the nearest piece of furniture. I really wish the dog would chew up one of his favourite ones.