Friday, October 20, 2006

Summer Wedding

So here we are, I was very chuffed the boys wanted to wear kilts to the wedding and I think they looked very smart, No1 son was all in black for that traditional Goth look!

My dress was made from a pink cotton with a tiny little cream square with a little beige line on it and I have to say was the hardest fabric to track down.

Problem was I bought the shoes first, doesn't everyone?
Then had to spend various shopping days with various friends in various towns, with one shoe in my handbag to match the colour.

Finally found this remnant while digging around in a HUGE pile of fabric while looking for some cottons for bags.

Then I was worried that it wasn't smart enough, then was worried that it wasn't all going to come together and almost bought a dress when I arrived in Scotland, only lack of money and the prospect of shoe/handbag and hat shopping stopped me. That and my good friends common sense, thanks dear.
So back to the outfit,

Dress: cotton with net and cotton voile lining and net and cotton underskirt
Pattern: McCalls no 4674 from 1958 bought on ebay from Macojero
Jewellery: Murano silver lined beads bought in London aided by Yvonne who is a fabulous enabler.
Hair decoration: Silk flower and feathers glued to comb, which I am sad to say got lost at the end of the night, well 3am the next morning!

Verdict, it was a fabulous day and I loved, loved, loved wearing vintage style clothes and being completely over the top girly!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi Yvette - glad to see you have joined the bloggers.
You look gorgeous in that outfit. I am going to try my habd at the Miss Twiss pattern that I've had since the summer. I am sure it's going to be slow and painful...
better get back to that assignment :0(

mandy said...

Well,.... was it Kiltie, kiltie, cauld bum,... or did the sun shine? The boys should wear their kilts more often. They could start a trend down here in "Glen" Noble.

Elizabeth said...

Welcome, welcome.
The boys look fab in their kilts and I love your dress.
You look very pretty in pink!

yvette said...

Well Mandy it was a bit windy, and yes I think the boys were feeling the cold after the grooms friends made sure they weren't wearing any boxers!

alltangledup said...

what a beautiful dress. the boys look great in their kilts.

Yvonne said...

What a stunning family photo!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, Yvette! What a wonderful photo. A very handsome family. Absolutely love your dress.