Thursday, August 30, 2007

vintage dress

I am making this dress, the spotty one, in this fabric,

though the weather has become decidedly autumnal and I am hoping that I will still have a chance to wear it.
I did make a little boo-boo when cutting it and had to cut one more skirt piece as the stripes didn't match how I wanted them, luckily I had bought enough fabric ...phew!

I am plodding along on a few knitting projects and nothing is grabbing my attention. No spinning as I am waiting for some fibre to arrive, the post is awful right now.

Boys are home tomorrow and my baby is a teenager, 3 teenage boys in the house should be fun.........right?


Vicki Knitorious said... much fun as 3 teenage girls were, except maybe more boisterous and with a lot less drama.
; )

LOVE the dress! I did a little sewing yesterday (finally!), too. Still not finished with the 2-hour pattern (that was already cut out).

lbrundag said...

The dress is wonderful! I can't wait to see it finished!

heather said...

Love it :0) I've recently been looking at some 50's / early 60's dress patterns that I sort of inherited from Aunt - trouble is she was only a 32/34 bust so I'm not sure if I could size them successfully for my mammoth gazongas ? What do you think ?

Paula said...

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
you are all signed up.

By the way great blog and very cute dog!!!

Jocerane said...

It will look beautiful with a shrug!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Thta'll be a great dress.
PS - not so sure about the sleepover ;0)

JoeyJoJo said...

Lovely dress. I didn't know that Butterick made vintagey looking stuff too. I've made a few Vintage Vogue jobs but boy are they ever Trés Difficile.

Elizabeth said...

I love vintage style dresses but rarely do I have an opportunity to wear them, everyone is sooo casual!
You can get a lot more wear out of it if you knit a matching shrug AT THE SAME TIME ..just in case you have time on your hands, I mean.. ;)