Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Am home, July passed in the blink of an eye and things here have stood still. The boxes are still here to be unpacked and rooms still have to be sorted. Its going to be a long few weeks, Jake came back with us and the other two boys stayed in Scotland for a few more weeks, so its peaceful if nothing else.

When I was away I took the long overdue step of having my hair cut, so it now looks like this.

We didn't manage to get much visiting done and certainly didn't do much yarn shopping. I did manage to meet up with Heather and she took me to visit K1 Yarns, which is a very cute shop and I did buy a little yarn. I made it to Coldspring by the skin of my teeth ten minutes before closing, they unfortunately didn't have the Cashmerino Aran I was looking for but I did find some Silk Garden and some Soho for xmas scarves.

I am alternating the box emptying with playing around on Ravelry, now I need to take yarn photos but its a little cloudy and dark today. One project which is a must for this winter is this Debbie Bliss cardi, cute huh? Now all I have to do is play catch up with all of you, that may take quite some time!


Vicki Knitorious said...

I was so happy to see you Ravel-rousing! ; )

Love your hair. I'm thinking I need a back-to-school cut, myself.

I hope you have and will share some more great pictures from Scotland, such as that last.

Glad you're back!!

Susie M said...

I was following random links and found your blog. I like reading other knitters' blogs and thus feeling not so alone in this mainly solitary creative activity.

I think your haircut is lovely - very stylish and elegant, and it looks like it would be easy-care, too.
I'm having a losing battle with my own locks, so I'm knitting lots of hats to cover up the mess!

Elizabeth said...

Welcome back. I love your hair. I cut my hair short every February, my sick of winter hairdo, very much like that. It will look very cute in winter hats!