Monday, May 03, 2010

A little sewing, a lot of knitting

It was my nieces birthday and her gifts haven't arrived yet, cause I posted them late, they looked like this

these were inside
I hope they fit and she loves them.

I sent my sil some diaper bags she asked me to make and there are some more in my shop, the knitters reckon they make perfect needle tapemeasure/accessory bags too.

More sewing this week and I am working on my brothers birthday present, it might just make it on time ;0)


Elizabeth said...

Nice gifts, Yvette! I love that cardigan, does it come in grown-up size?
Nice to see you posting again.

yvette said...

Thanks Elizabeth, Roo only goes up to 28" chest, don't think I would like to knit it bigger, took me all my time to knit this size but Sylvi from Twist Collective is a similar shape.

alabama whirly said...

ooooo, what a lot of goodness - she'll love all them

sally in norfolk said...

Great to see you blogging :-) I really have to sit down and start my socks soon if you had not noticed i find it hard to sit still for long BUT i am getting better :-)

Linda said...

Lovely gifts and so nicely wrapped!

Flavaknits said...

What a lucky girl! I had an Auntie who used to knit me wonderful gifts for my birthday too!