Monday, May 28, 2007


Shhh, I am supposed to be packing boxes or throwing things out or making dinner or something equally as boring. I thought I would share the rest of the yarn I bought in London with you, partly because if I don't document it here I might move and forget what I am doing with it.

So first up I bought some Rowan Damask to knit the lace shrug from Lace Style, so that is soon cause I want it, NOW!! Well actually not right now as its rainy and only 13 deg, seeing is it was 31deg on Friday, its a little bit of a shock to the system, there was snow on the mountains this morning.

Next up some sock yarn in gorgeous pink, that will be for me, of course.

I also bought some yarn to knit Juno from Rowan 40?, but had to leave it behind as there was no room in the suitcase!

And this sooo pretty, no idea what it will become but for now I can just admire its loveliness.

I also did quite well in the book dept recently as it is Mothers Day on Sunday I was determined to not miss out again like Christmas, so ordered early! I'll show them tomorrow.

I leave you with this, what do you think, chicken, tulip, crown? .......
Oops almost forgot am almost finished Wispy, she is blocking and tomorrow I will tell you how much I love/hate this project......


Susan said...

Definately Chicken.

And oh my, that hot pink yarn is yummy :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

gail said...

Yvette, thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your strawberry crown!!! What fun! How is the weather in France these days?? We were in France in July 2006 and were very hot. Of course, Wisconsin can also be hot in July.

heather said...

I think probably chicken too.

Gorgeous yarns - I got some of that Silk Rhapsody too last time I was down south. No plans for mine either I just like to look at it :0)

Amelia said...

I am pretty sure it's a camel sitting down. Lovely yarn, I really must get myself back down to Stash at some point. xx