Friday, January 26, 2007

Normal service

will be resumed as soon as possible.
Someone in their wisdom decided to change our phone provider which led to a few days of an internetless house.
I promised chocolate brownies and I have lost the photo, it maybe still on the camera, so in the meantime I will leave you with new sock yarn instead, it is very pink but I love it, I am now in a mad dash to finish up the couple of odd socks lying around. I'm off to Creativa (craft fair) to see whats new, this morning, probably nothing exciting though, more later.....


marjorie said...

I think your yarn is very pretty! I just bought a swift for winding yarn skeins into balls on my yarn ball winder. Sure beats hanging the skein on the back of a chair (or making my husband hold the yarn and turn slowly around in the living room.) I don't even want to know what my neighbours must think if they look in my front window.

yvette said...

Hi Marjorie, I make one of the boys hold skeins I need to ball, it holds them captive for a little while, I do usually have to bribe them though!